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Island of Fire (Softcover)

Island of Fire (Softcover)

Author: Jason D. Mark
Stalingrad symbolises many things: the ideological clash between Nazism and Communism, the battle of wills between Hitler and Stalin, and the absolute fortitude of the Soviet people. In most people's minds, however, it represents the savagery, folly and utter waste of urban combat, a city where dozens of lives were readily exchanged for a ruined building. And nowhere did this senselessness manifest itself more than in the Barrikady Gun Factory and its housing settlement. The men of the German 305. Infanterie-Division had captured all of the factory's massive workhalls by the end of October 1942. The only obstacles standing between them and the Volga were a few battered houses and the remnants of the Soviet 138th Rifle Division. Five fresh pioneer battalions were brought in to help the Germans and the "final" attack in Stalingrad (known erroneously as Operation "Hubertus") was launched on 11 November, 1942. The push to the river cut off the Soviet troops and left a tiny bridgehead. Grim fighting raged around this fiery perimeter for three months. To the Soviet soldiers, this bridgehead was known as "Lyudnikov's Island", or "Ognenniy ostrov" - "Island of Fire". Painstakingly compiled from German and Russian sources such as war diaries, combat reports, published works, eyewitness accounts, letters and photos, this book presents an unbiased chronicle of the pitiless struggle from both perspectives.

656 pages on high-quality paper
A5 format
Hardcover & softcover editions available
over 250 photos
110 maps & aerial photos
Large separate A3 map showing the Barrikady area in minute detail
8 appendices
Comprehensive source notes, bibliography & index

Click the following links to see samples: Sample 1 | Sample 2 | Sample 3 | Sample 4 | Sample 5 | Sample 6

Chapter 1:
The Impasse - Stalemate in Stalingrad
2 - 3 November 1942

Chapter 2:
The Forces Gather
4 - 8 November 1942

Chapter 3:
Preparations for the Offensive
7 - 10 November 1942

Chapter 4:
The Attack and its Aftermath
11 - 12 November 1942

Chapter 5:
One Building at a Time
13 - 17 November 1942

Chapter 6:
Last-Ditch Effort
18 - 25 November 1942

Chapter 7:
26 November - 20 December 1942

Chapter 8:
Soviet Retribution
21 December - 10 January 1943

Chapter 9:
The Final Days
11 January - 2 February 1943

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